‘No’ to Negativity!

Was reading my cousin’s blog today and her latest post really struck me. There are no shortage of such people around, those who constantly gather negative energy around them by whining and griping on everything that happens to them.

A waitress is slow in her service, gripe.

Someone makes them wait a while, gripe.

Somebody sends them on a wild goose chase, gripe.

Someone makes a comment about something, gripe.

The worst thing is not the griping and the whining, it’s really about the repetitiveness of the whole thing. How many times do you need to repeat this whine story to me? I’ve heard it once, offered you my sympathies & empathizes, so please move on already. Aren’t we supposed to be looking to the future, and not stuck in the past? What benefit does it make to your life by complaining & bitching about other people all the time?

I used to be able to listen to them when my other jobs were less stressful. Now that I am a thousand times more busy at work, these whining friends are seriously taking a toll on my energy levels. So much so I’ve started to stay away from them. I need to keep my enthusiasm & energy on the positive side all the time, to be able to go through the day bright and cheery. These negative aura & energy is too much for me, and it’s not something I like to handle anymore. And if I’m meeting up with these friends just to end up shutting my mind from these talk, I don’t see the need to meet up regularly anymore.

After all, we all want to surround ourselves with positive karma, not the opposite, isn’t it?

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