My Digital Past

My history of various blogs, some made possible by Internet Wayback Machine.

#1: http://www.laruku1006.blogspot.com


This.. is absolutely disappeared from cyberspace. Been gone for way too long. Even Internet Wayback Machine can’t find it. First incarnation. Some of the oldest posts you see from 2004 were imported from here.
iblogs was a spinoff from WordPress, for bloggers who are unfamiliar with complicated blogging tools. It’s really simple blogging platform, even simpler than WP. However, it wasn’t really popular and had a really frequent downtime. I couldn’t update my blog for weeks on end! Posts from 05-06 were from here.
This is actually still in existence, but I’ve blocked the access for it from everyone else and put a placeholder on the front page that tells everyone that I’ve moved to my own server. Most of my posts dated before August19, 2008 have been moved to this current address, which runs on the WordPress blogging platform anyway. Posts from 06-08 were from here.
This gave me quite a surprise. I thought it’d be gone by now. I mean, the last I ever logged in was probably like 2005… It’s still there though, surprisingly. The posts have all been archived into a new one at Pixnet though. I think most, if not all, are duplicates.
This is the most updated one I suppose… The latest. But I rarely blog in chinese so… I don’t really go in anyway.
This used to be mine.. But I think I probably forgot my password to it or something and it was released back to the wilderness of the WWW. So now it belongs to someone else. XD
Don’t ask me why I have so many blogs. I don’t know.
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Twitter Lists (Beta)

So I’m not supposed to tweet about it.. But they didn’t say I wasn’t supposed to blog about it! Haha!

Anyway, tons of people have already flouted the pretty please note from the Twitter team andtweeted about it anyhow so by blogging instead of tweeting about it, I’m following their plea! XD

So lists.. lists.. It’s a cool new feature that twitter has added to their functionality.. Basically you create groups of those you are following so that you can narrow down to only reading tweets from them.. It’s a great way that you can manage all those tweets you receive every minute of your day! Personally I think it’s going to be extremely useful if you follow a ton of people.. It effectively helps you to cut out those that are not important, especially if you don’t have much time but want to still catch up with what their friends / a select group of people are doing.

Having gone using plurk for a while but I still prefer the user interface of Twitter. Not to mention that there are more exciting things going on here too. Plurk is still useful to me because of the friends active there, and being more a Chinese version of twitter, to connect with mainly my TW friends.

Now I have to go dig out more people to follow on Twitter!

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X-Men Relationship Map

If you have ever wondered just how complicated the relationship between the X-Men characters are, now you know just how.

uncannyxmen.net has just plotted the relationship chart of all X-Men characters and their various relationships, be it flirtations, serious ones etc.. Everything.

The below screenshot is about like 20% of the whole image..

This is the full chart.. Look how comprehensive it is! OMG!! Click the image to go to the actual page!

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Skoda Car Cake Commercial

This is awesome stuff. Did I say awesome? It’s FREAKING COOL!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwBE1l6QexU?wmode=transparent]


It’s one cake I really don’t want to eat man! And then comes The Making Of:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rb3tlVlJhgY?wmode=transparent]

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