Walking Haw Par Villa

Went to Haw Par Villa for the first time ever (Yes I know….) just to test out my new Panasonic LX3… Shot the whole series in Partial Auto mode, with a couple of shots in the Pinhole mode and one in B&W.

Glad to say my investment was worth it! *beaming*

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Fisheye Roll 2

My second roll of Fisheye is developed and I’m mildly pleased with it. There are some good shots and the percentage of shots that actually came out was higher than Roll 1. It’s still lacking uniformity but I guess it’s good enough for a second roll!

Used Sensia 400 Slide Film, Cross-processed.

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Fisheye shots

My first batch of fisheye shots are developed!!! 15 out of 26 came out okay.. Only a couple are not too bad.. The rest wasn’t as good. Hopefully my Provia 400 slide film will do better. On another note, I went and bought a coloursplash flash + a flash-less Holga + an Action Sampler..

I’m going to go broke buying film…

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