Blogging Ten


Another anniversary today! 10 years since I’ve started blogging! I’ve changed so many blogging platforms over the past 10 years, bought my own domain, my posting frequency waxing and waning constantly…

Even though I don’t blog as much now as I used to, I can never let it go completely. It’s the first platform I used to put a little tiny blip on the World Wide Web, and it’s definitely not something I can easily give up, not when it is this meaningful.

So, here’s to another ten good years!

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Blog more

I really need to blog more. It has always been cathartic, and helps me with my focus, and of course improving my writing skills in the process.

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9 years of blogging

Amazingly, it has been 9 years since my first blog post. The first time I wrote something and posted it for the world to see. The first time I’d shared my thoughts with people I don’t know, and will possibly never get to know. Isn’t it quite incredible? That there are people who are interested in what you say and your thoughts and opinions. I will always be thankful that even though I’m just a little voice in the world, the internet is big enough to accommodate me.

Happy birthday to the blogging me.


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A part of me misses blogging. Penning down thoughts and observations. Have I been so caught up with getting through each day that I am no longer able to just sit down, stare at the sky and just think?

What happened to the girl who could just sit in front of the computer and just write chunks and chunks of text?

Maybe I should just force myself to start writing and it will all flow again.

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