Why is the CEO of Brand’s the richest person?

It makes sense doesn’t it? The sheer number of Brand’s chicken essence he must have sold. People buy it in flocks, especially if they are visiting someone. I think there must be a doctrine somewhere that you must buy Brand’s chicken essence when you are:

  • Visiting someone in hospital after an operation
  • Visiting someone who is sick in hospital / at home
  • Visiting your gf/bf’s parents for the first time
  • Visiting your grandma / grandpa
  • Don’t know what else to get

My mom was admitted to hospital for a simple knee operation, to insert a small piece of metal into her right knee because her cartilage has worn off and the bones are not straight anymore.. Guess how many Brand’s stuff we saw when we went to visit her in the evening? And it was just 1 day!


And yes, being the blogger that I am, I purposely arranged it nicely and took a picture. I counted 1 basket of Brand’s Innershield something with Berry flavour, FIVE boxes of chicken essence, 1 Brand’s bird’s nest, another bird’s nest from 正中平medical shop & a 生魚精 (whatever this is) from the same medical shop, together with 2 random bottles of American ginseng and cordeceps.

My mum can drink a bottle a day and it will last her at least 1 month.. Not to forget she has another 2 more days before she is discharged. Oh. My. God.

Oh. And stop giving grapes! I’m going to be sick of grapes soon.

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