It used to be Jerry Cans for us

and share usage of 2-3 pep bottles… But apparently NPCC cadets nowadays are given 1 x 1.5L bottled water each everyday.

Talk about life getting slacker for uniformed groups.


The flip side of a good idea

Letter from Teo Yong Hua
05:55 AM Aug 07, 2009

LIKE the rest of his schoolmates in the National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC), my cousin attended a three-day, two-night camp in Pulau Ubin recently.

These camps, indeed, give our youth a chance to become independent, and they should be encouraged.

However, I think about the amount of waste the usage of plastic bottles produces at each camp session.

Everyone was given two 1.5 litre bottles of mineral water each day.

With more than 200 students participating, there would have been more than a thousand bottles discarded by the end of the camp.

I understand that the water at the campsite was not fit for consumption, hence the need for bottled water to be handed out.

Nonetheless, there should have been a more environmentally-friendly way of making sure the cadets had drinking water.