Around Town

Damsel (was) in distress

I got saved by a cute ang-mo today.. Wah! So cute! Well, basically I was on my way to work so I stopped at my usual bus stop at Shaw. Just so happened it was raining so I took a more sheltered way to work. There was still a fair distance that I’d have to cover before I reach the next shelter but since the rain wasn’t too heavy yet it was okay.

Alas! It started pouring like there’s no tomorrow just when I exited from sheltered area 1 and about to move across the road to sheltered area 2.  So there I was, waiting for the rain to subside a little so I could at least run a bit. At least 5 people with huge umbrellas walked past me without even a glance my way (oh Singaporean men need crash courses in chivalry). But this really cute ang-mo (right height too) came by, he was using a small portable umbrella so I thought to myself initially that there goes another umbrella guy.. But no! He stopped and asked if I was going to cross the road!!!  I was saved!!!!

Yes I was quite happy my saviour is a cutie. No I did not fling myself onto him. I was too busy trying not to get wet drenched.

However, he obviously didn’t think I was cute enough cos when we got to sheltered area 2, he hurried away!!! T_T

But no fear! My skin is thick enough to withstand rejection! puahahhahaha……