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Twitter Lists (Beta)

So I’m not supposed to tweet about it.. But they didn’t say I wasn’t supposed to blog about it! Haha!

Anyway, tons of people have already flouted the pretty please note from the Twitter team andtweeted about it anyhow so by blogging instead of tweeting about it, I’m following their plea! XD

So lists.. lists.. It’s a cool new feature that twitter has added to their functionality.. Basically you create groups of those you are following so that you can narrow down to only reading tweets from them.. It’s a great way that you can manage all those tweets you receive every minute of your day! Personally I think it’s going to be extremely useful if you follow a ton of people.. It effectively helps you to cut out those that are not important, especially if you don’t have much time but want to still catch up with what their friends / a select group of people are doing.

Having gone using plurk for a while but I still prefer the user interface of Twitter. Not to mention that there are more exciting things going on here too. Plurk is still useful to me because of the friends active there, and being more a Chinese version of twitter, to connect with mainly my TW friends.

Now I have to go dig out more people to follow on Twitter!