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So I’m on Google Wave now

I’ve probably never been so excited to see an invite appear in my email… Last night though, right in the middle of class, I was so excited I wanted to pump my fist in the air and shout HELL YEAH!

Because I saw this (Thanks Vic!):

Accepting this invitation was probably the highest point in my day.

So this… is how Google Wave actually looks like:

I’m still exploring the various functions, some of it is not available right now, like uploading files in waves. However, an overview of what Wave can potentially do is listed (with a video from the Product Managers too — 8 mins to watch!) in the screenshot below:

But you know what the BEST WAY to see what Wave can do? Watch This Video NOW!

I think that really sums up the potential of wave. It’s awesome! There’s so much you can do on it I think Gmail will soon be old news. Then again, I’m sure there are still folks who are still using ICQ or even MiRC so I would think normal email will still be very much alive. Gotta preach Wave though. Wave evangelist! (haha)

But I have only one friend to wave with for now. So essentially, this is a preview of previews. Can’t use much of the awesome functionalities without contacts to test them out with. XD

Last note, if you want that elusive invite, I can’t get it for you now… No invite wave as yet (see below screencap). But you can register your interest in the comments and if I do get it, I’ll see if I can nominate you too! Afterall, good things are meant to be shared!

Thanks again Victoria!

Okay now back to watching the 10,000 videos to tell me how cool Wave is. XD


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