Unbelievable Singaporeans

I can’t comprehend the thinking of Singaporeans.

What is so important or attractive about a seat in the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) or public bus that propel Singaporeans to do one or a combination of the following:

– Stick their faces to the glass train doors.

– Attempt to pre-empt the exact spot where the bus door will be when it stops.

– Let their butts be attracted to empty seats, like metal to magnet.

– Pretend to sleep when an elderly person / pregnant woman gets on board.

– Let their young kid sit on a sit next to them while the rest of the bus/train is packed like sardines

– Instruct their kids to dash for any empty seats and make sure they cover another one for them.

– Implant a thought in their minds that the only thing that they can think about right now, is to get a seat.


This would make for a good psychology study.

“Public transport and it’s effect on normal human behaviour”

Hypothesis: Human behaviour will take a backward turn when they are faced with the possibility of standing in a public transport. The effect of this is that they will go through excruciating pain just to ensure that they are able to secure a seat. If they are unable to get a seat, there is about 0.19% of them who will fall down to the ground, convulse and vanish.