Post sing-song blues

Sigh… My first post is a post on how blue I am today. Sighhh… For the past couple of days actually. I somehow just can’t get over the fact that all of a sudden, I have nothing to do at night. No productions, nothing. It’s just like a sudden empty block of the day where you have nothing to do. Rather, you have nothing planned.

But it was a fun production, Sing Song. Together with this cast and crew for 3 weeks is no joke. You build some kind of rapport, even if it’s really gonna be just for these 3 weeks and no more. I learnt a lot from them and really, I would like to thank them even though I didn’t give them any thank you gifts & they probably won’t see this. Who cares! ^^

Rydwan – My darling PM. Always so stressed and yet so corny at times. Will miss you when you leave TNS. Who will give me jobs then????? lol..
Shelia – Great job even for a first-timer. Was fun to really work with you. GEG showcase & TOB cannot count.. lol… Good luck SM-ing for M1 Theatre Connect! Jia You!
Audrey – Haha… The queen of clubbing. Ladies’ night rule! ^^
Dot – Don’t stress. Sound is the most fun thing to do! Not to mention challenging too! ^^ Hope to see more of you around!
Wan En – Enough of your lameness. Enough. I have had enough of eye-rolling in the control room. Haha… Just kidding.
Vivianne – The woman who has a sore throat but sounds like someone who doesn’t. Haha.. Vivacious lady eh? I can never ever learn sign language. I just don’t have the patience…
Eugene – Another fella who always make me roll eyes. Thanks for teaching me things even though you might not have realised you actually taught me something. Haha… You are really one of those who got me really interested in sound. ^^ The others being Yin & Baobao. Be honoured ok? lol…
Patrick – Thanks for being so patient with me, teaching me things that I don’t know. ^^ Freelancing is pretty cool eh? More money eh? lol… When are you going back to HK again? Maybe can help me buy some LMF stuff.. hehehe..
Shao Ann – I was SO afraid of you at first you know? I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to follow your instructions properly coz it IS the first time I am doing lights eh. But it wasn’t too bad eh? So I won’t end up in your black book eh? *Phew*
Kay Siu, Celine, Gani, Alin, Kumar – Thanks for entertaining us with your ridiculous antics during warm-ups. You guys have NO idea how much fun we have watching you guys! “Chan Mali Chan *Hoo Hoo* Chan Mali Chan” “Diya Isabella~~~~” “Bengali one so long, Chinese one smell like sotong~~~” “Do you know what it’s like to be balding, suntan on your scalp~~” SEAFOOD RESTAURANT STAND-BY!!!!
Nate & Sean – Thanks for putting up this wonderful show. It was really enjoyable being a part of it! ^^
Tic Tac Tone, Johnathon, Abel – Thanks for being in the show! Sorry if I hadn’t really chatted much with you guys. I didn’t even go to Boom Boom Room with you all! Are you guys beginning to think I am anti-social?? haha…