9 years of blogging

Amazingly, it has been 9 years since my first blog post. The first time I wrote something and posted it for the world to see. The first time I’d shared my thoughts with people I don’t know, and will possibly never get to know. Isn’t it quite incredible? That there are people who are interested in what you say and your thoughts and opinions. I will always be thankful that even though I’m just a little voice in the world, the internet is big enough to accommodate me.

Happy birthday to the blogging me.


2 replies on “9 years of blogging”

Then your blog probably has its traces at Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive; I just came from there a year or two ago discovering my first blogspot in 2000 archived in fragments there. Old designs, old ideas, old posts, old rants, and of course dxmn it the old self.

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