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Wash your hands please

I never understood why this is necessary…


Interweb Technology

My Digital Past

My history of various blogs, some made possible by Internet Wayback Machine.



This.. is absolutely disappeared from cyberspace. Been gone for way too long. Even Internet Wayback Machine can’t find it. First incarnation. Some of the oldest posts you see from 2004 were imported from here.
iblogs was a spinoff from WordPress, for bloggers who are unfamiliar with complicated blogging tools. It’s really simple blogging platform, even simpler than WP. However, it wasn’t really popular and had a really frequent downtime. I couldn’t update my blog for weeks on end! Posts from 05-06 were from here.
This is actually still in existence, but I’ve blocked the access for it from everyone else and put a placeholder on the front page that tells everyone that I’ve moved to my own server. Most of my posts dated before August19, 2008 have been moved to this current address, which runs on the WordPress blogging platform anyway. Posts from 06-08 were from here.
This gave me quite a surprise. I thought it’d be gone by now. I mean, the last I ever logged in was probably like 2005… It’s still there though, surprisingly. The posts have all been archived into a new one at Pixnet though. I think most, if not all, are duplicates.
This is the most updated one I suppose… The latest. But I rarely blog in chinese so… I don’t really go in anyway.
This used to be mine.. But I think I probably forgot my password to it or something and it was released back to the wilderness of the WWW. So now it belongs to someone else. XD
Don’t ask me why I have so many blogs. I don’t know.

Around Esplanade

Spent only an hour in the late afternoon, so much fewer pictures than Haw Par Villa.


Gold-plated Leica anyone?

Fancy a gold plated Leica for your birthday?

For Leica’s 60th anniversary in China, they get a shiny new limited edition camera in GOLD. No I’m not kidding you. It’s GOLD. That’s G-O-L-D…

It’s fugly btw.. Seriously out of the world FUG. Proof:


(via Gizmodo)


Walking Haw Par Villa

Went to Haw Par Villa for the first time ever (Yes I know….) just to test out my new Panasonic LX3… Shot the whole series in Partial Auto mode, with a couple of shots in the Pinhole mode and one in B&W.

Glad to say my investment was worth it! *beaming*


Google vs China: Who will be the ultimate winner?

Google vs China. I wonder who will come out tops in this war of freedom of speech. Or rights.. Or whatever.

Gonna be interesting.