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Get your values out of my face (May 08, 2009 Friday, 11:42 AM)
– John Lui shares his views on the Aware saga.

GET your values out of my elite uncaring face.

If there is one lesson that the Aware saga has proven yet again, it is that parents have an inflated sense of their own worth in society.

I am not married and do not have children and it has irritated me for a long time that mothers and fathers like to excuse their incredibly selfish behaviour by saying “it’s for the sake of the kids”.

The group of pro-values parents who object to a factual and comprehensive sex eduation programme should be reminded that their little darlings belong to the same society that I do.

If these little angels as a result of ignorant fornication foist little bundles of joy on society and its taxpayers, I for one will be more than a little displeased.

In my eyes, having teenagers with fully functioning reproductive organs and not being able to control them is similar to owning a pit bull with big teeth and not putting it on a leash. Both creatures are hazards to other people.

If you tell me that your pit bull’s fondness for sinking his fangs into people is “a private matter between a dog and his owner”, I would tell you to grow a brain, you selfish, ignorant fool.

And if you campaign to keep leashes off dangerous dogs, then you are more than a fool, you are a menace to society.

Your right to keep your pet unrestrained ends where the skin of my leg begins.

Your rights to keep your child ignorant about sex ends where my tax dollars start to fund public medical programmes for STDs, juvenile delinquency schemes and prisons for people screwed up by being born to poor teenage mothers.

In the pages of The Straits Times over the last four weeks, we have seen upper-middle class professionals, driven by private religious impulses, strive to change public education policy.

People from well-off, educated families are the ones who are statistically the least likely to suffer from the problems of teen pregnancy and STDs. Yet they feel driven to restrict sex education for the people who need it most: Teens from lower-income families.

But it makes sense. After all, the harm that these well-meaning people could cause will never affect them directly. They get to feel holy but will never experience the misery born of their actions.

Singapore was born of pragmatism. Legalised prostitution protects women in the sex trade from pimps. No-one likes prostitution but greater misery comes from driving it underground.

Teenage sexual behaviour is a public health issue, like swine flu or dengue fever.

The next time someone tells me that sex education is a private matter between a parent and his child, I will tell him that in return, I will make open containers filled with stagnant water a private matter between myself and the stuff I keep on my property.


MP rejects letter of apology

There are many things happening in Singapore recently that I did not really touch on in my blog.. But I read in The Online Citizen today that MP Lim Hwee Hua apparently declined to accept the written apology made by the 17-year-old boy who threw a chair at the door after a disappointing Meet-The-People session..

For the still uninitiated, this situation happened recently at a Meet-The-People session with MP Cynthia Phua (standing in for MP Lim Hwee Hua) of Aljunied GRC. The boy and his mother had made a 2nd visit to the session, in an attempt to get proper aid. The mother earns only $400 a month working as a part-time cleaner; and the boy is intellectually challenged. The father disappeared in 2004, leaving them with no extra maintenance money. Early this year, she fell from a chair and broke her wrist, making things worse. HDB then wanted to repossess their flat, as they were unable to pay the dues, and give them a rental unit; but the mother was unable to fork out the money. So backed with such misfortune, the mother went to the MTP session to ask the MP to sign a letter of appeal to HDB.

Though Mdm Phua did eventually sign the letter, the boy felt that she was condescending, and scolded them for not working, not giving the mother the chance to explain why her son was not working. Frustrated and feeling insulted, the boy vented it by picking up a foldable aluminum chair and threw it against a glass door. The door didn’t break but the police appeared at their flat later that night to arrest the boy. He was released on bail at 1am that night. Much as the act is not right, is it serious enough to warrant an arrest? Was the MP in any danger? She was in the room while he was venting on the door, so unless she’s standing right behind the door, it’s not possible. And I don’t think the MP will be gracious enough to walk them to the door.

The boy later handwrote an apology letter to Mrs Lim Hwee Hua, which she promptly declined to accept. Last told The New Paper that she “made it very clear to (the mother) that this is unacceptable behavīor. It is not justifiable in any circumstance. There is no excuse to be violent.” WTF! The gracious thing would have to be accepting it on behalf of Mdm Phua and find out what can be done to help them get back on their feet..

Violence is definitely not acceptable, but there’s always 2 sides to every coin. If our MPs cannot look past themselves and seriously look into the real reason why people behave as they do behave, then maybe we can really progress as a country. I think our ministers need a serious lesson in empathy, an another in opening their eyes to look at the real situation, not one they conjure up in their elite brains.

Movie Review

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

So I went to watch X-men Origins: Wolverine yesterday.. And to be honest I was a little disappointed.. It felt like a bit of a rushed job in a sense that there could be more to it.. And of course they manipulated the history of the characters from the comic, though that is to be expected.

I was looking forward to the movie not because of Wolverine, but due to the fact my brother saw the trailer and told me there was GAMBIT. Oh My God.. My Gambit.. I missed him sorely in the first 3 X-Men movies… Gambit was by far my favourite X-Men character, simply due to his charms and wit.. He has the most colourful character background (Wolverine pales in comparison) and most controversial personality. Unfortunately, he’s not the main selected few of X-Men and because of his thief background and involvement in many other ‘villianous’ involvements, most of the X-Men folks don’t trust him that much. And of course, you can imagine my raised eyebrow when Rogue dated Iceman (of ALL people) in the movies..

They did manage to make some cool actions for Gambit in Wolverine though, the ‘charging’ of the cards and his wielding of his stick.. though I think in the movie he used a wooden one (couldn’t see clearly) but his actual weapon of choice is a metal stick. Anyway, it can be written off as due to his yet to mature character. But I just hoped I saw more of him.. Maybe there will be a Gambit spin-off.. *crosses fingers*

I have to say though, I was very impressed by Liev Schreiber’s Sabretooth. It was great work and he really brought out the animalism in Sabretooth.. He was actually the more captivating of all the characters in the movie. Didn’t remember much about Deadpool in the comic but Wade was funny when he was on screen. Tongue-in-cheek and annoying at times, but generally provided the comic moments..

Other than some small bits, Wolverine was still generally a not as exciting movie as I expected it to be.. I think too many people were raving about it that I got my expectations too high..

The killer part though, is that today I went to read some stuff online and found, to my utter horror, that there was a second after-credits ending, featuring Deadpool’s gaining of his comic awareness.. WHICH I MISSED! So annoyed right now. Stupid FOX.. Why did they need to have 2 after credit endings!!?? WHY?????