STCC 2008

Woohoo! Back from otaku heaven! Yesterday that is. XD Photos! Photos!


Ehem. Please see portion in red… Can’t see? I will enlarge it for you XD


CLOSED SESSION okay? No joke man! All thanks to OMY for letting me win the preview tickets!


Huge welcome standing banner. Too big to go into my camera. XD


Graffiti wall done ‘fresh’ by artists participating in the convention, such as Tokidoki, Gary Erskine etc…


starwars-atte thwar


domuya-1 domuya-2 domuya-3


tofu-1 tofu-2


gloomy-1 gloomy-3gloomy-2


oldmasterq-2 oldmasterq-3

oldmasterq-1 oldmasterq-4


lego-2 lego-5 lego-1  lego-3 lego-4  lego-6


DSC00725 DSC00724 DSC00726 DSC00727 DSC00728 DSC00729 DSC00730 DSC00741 DSC00742

And proof of my otaku-ness:


Only managed to buy ONE thing there.. Cos I consciously didn’t bring any cash with me to the venue. XD


I can’t wait for Sunday’s Anime Cosplay! More photos then! Hopefully lots of WOW and no YUCKS.

Adios! For now!

Food Review Singapore

Curry Wok

Sometimes we think how friendships are built over food. Just take the example of my dad and the owner of Curry Wok. They met cos my dad was introduced to this place which serves some great food, because he wanted to get some fresh awesome otah. My dad and the owner shares one passion — food. And the owner ain’t stingy about treating my dad to expensive stuff. He just wanted company. So fortunately for my dad, he gets to enjoy some really good stuff.

But of course, we are not people who are unappreciative. My dad brings him business. We eat there as and when we can, and my dad packs for his staff sometimes, brings clients for lunch etc..

Okay.. Really, this blog post ain’t about friendship. It’s about food and what’s a food post without food talk and food photos!?

Curry Wok is famous for 2 things. Curry Fish Head and Braised Pork Knuckles. These are must trys for every visit.

First up the Curry Fish Head.


The curry is rich and creamy but not overwhelming. It’s well balanced in it’s taste, being spicy and yet the spiciness does not take over the fresh taste of the fish head. Proportions are healthy and the fish head is meaty and really fresh. No fishy taste at all.

We had the vegetables up next..

currywok-chupchye currywok-currychye currywok-kangkong

Honestly, their vegetables are just normal. I wouldn’t rave and rant about them but hey! My mom doesn’t eat meat so what are we gonna do? And it provides some balance to the array of meat meat and more meat you going to see later!


This century tofu dish actually came a little later than the vegetables which I was quite amused. It’s a cold dish which is supposed to be eaten before the rest. And it’s pretty easy to make considering that there was zero cooking involved. XD That said, this is one of my favourite dishes. The Tofu is soft and delicate and the century egg is slightly sticky yet extremely Q. But the saving factor has to be the sauce. Most Century Egg Tofu sauces are extremely salty, to make up for the general tastelessness of this dish. However, Curry Wok’s sauce is thick but not too salty, It compliments the bland tasting tofu yet you can still taste the refreshing taste of cold tofu.


Now this is one delicacy. The Ngoh Hiang is 100% home-made and the ingredients used is fresh and really generous. They are not afraid to charge a little higher, because they know that what they deliver is one of the most awesome Ngoh Hiang I’ve ever tried. The outer bean skin is so thin that when it is deep fried, it’s extraordinarily crispy, even when it’s cool. The meat is not too oily and fattening as they try to use as much lean meat as possible. It’s easy to tell that they only use fresh oil to fry this because you do not get those blackened flakes and distinct burnt smell which accompanies dishes fried multiple times in the same oil.


Now this Otah what my dad used to buy home for us in cartons of 10 (I know, we’re gluttons.) Hey! If it’s good, it’s worth it! Like the ngoh hiang, it’s not cheap but after you sink your teeth into the soft otah and bite some fresh fish chunks, you’ll agree with me that it’s worth every single penny. I always like to keep this till the end to savour it’s flavour and never once has the taste deteriorated because it’s been left out uneaten for at least 20mins. It is still juicy and soft, unlike some other places’ otah, where you really have to eat it up first before it dries up.

Now for the main attraction…


Look at the SIZE of the pork knuckle! Really I don’t know where they get their supply but it’s HUGE. Mind you it’s not multiple pieces but ONE GIGANORMOUS piece. Honest to God, you can look at the remnants later. It’s braised in dark soy sauce with garlic, ginger and whatever. To such perfection it is cooked, that the skin and the meat is easily separated, without any trouble. Do not be fooled by all that skin and fats.. It’s surprisingly light and the skin is not overladen with fatty tissue, as with most pork knuckles sold elsewhere. Dig in with not THAT much guilt….  XD

All cleaned up! Look at the size of the Pork Knuckle bone!!!


We cleaned up every single drop of food. Really every single one. Even the fish head curry… We were just short of licking the plates to get the most out of the sauces…

Personally, I think the food at Curry Wok is so amazing because they put their heart into it and because the owner’s a food fanatic, it is his faith and mission to ensure that what he delivers to his customers is personally acceptable. And not to mention, they do not stinge on their ingredients, which is what makes the difference between good food and great food. The place is small and atmosphere just like your grandmother’s little kitchen, where your family gather together and have a great home-cooked meal, chatting away while you wolf down everything that’s on your plate, thanking God that there IS food on your plate. It’s the kind of simple pleasure at eating great food that makes this place more than just good food!

Be there early or make a reservation! If not be prepared, you will not have any seats!

Curry Wok
5 Coronation Road
#01-04 Coronation Arcade
(Next to Coronation Plaza)

Opening Hours: Wed-Mon: 11am-930pm
Tel: 6464 8878
Payment: Cash