X-Men Relationship Map

If you have ever wondered just how complicated the relationship between the X-Men characters are, now you know just how. has just plotted the relationship chart of all X-Men characters and their various relationships, be it flirtations, serious ones etc.. Everything.

The below screenshot is about like 20% of the whole image..

This is the full chart.. Look how comprehensive it is! OMG!! Click the image to go to the actual page!


Thank God for Email

So my maternal grandma’s 80 and we are celebrating it next month.. All of us were trying to decide where to go and what to eat. Once again, I think Email is the best invention spurned from the internet.. It’s making all our lives so much easier, instead of having to call each other to ask their opinions on what should we do, everything is done through email, quick and easy.

Promotions can be copied & pasted from the websites, suggestions could be bounced around, and those with specific information can make their stand known… How nice.

Granted, not everyone says something during all those email exchanges, and we do not exactly have everyone’s email address. But hey! It’s better than having to call… And we do actually have one email representative per family.. Hohoho.. How efficient is that.

With contrast to my paternal side, where it’s going to be my paternal grandma’s 90th birthday this year and by God, are they reluctant to do anything.. My dad suggested a chalet (with no obligations to stay overnight) and everyone’s like oh nooooo.. It’s so troublesome…. Then my dad ask them to suggest something, and silence ensues.. And someone said that we can have dinner with my grandma individually.. My family was like WTF? You can have dinner with her separately like anyday! This is her 90th birthday for goodness sake.. We should celebrate it as an EXTENDED FAMILY. I really don’t understand what they are thinking..

To think my paternal side of my extended family are all high-fliers, all much older than me, almost ALL university educated.. Then again, considering the MAX amount of money I ever got in my Ang Paos from these relatives is $4 per ang pao..

Yes, I still get a lot of $2 red packets. The very bare minimum.  *grumbles*