Review Singapore Theatre

Rant and Rave: A History Lesson

Singaporean theatre has evolved through the decades, much of it I was never involved in, not being born early enough. Not that it makes any difference to my enjoyment of The Finger Players’ “Rant and Rave”.

Running for 90 mins, and broken into 3 broad segments, the show gives a succinct recap of the formative 80s, the tumultuous 90s and the transformational 20th century of Singaporean theatre. Played by 2 amazing actresses, Arts NMP Janice Koh and veteran Karen Tan, both seamlessly weaving in and out of characters, with some characters played with such accuracy it brought a smile to my face the moment the character first appeared. I have to point out that Karen’s portrayal of Alvin Tan (Co-founder, The Necessary Stage) was so spot on that many members of the audience were heard giggling.

The one segment that I felt really strongly about was Arts and the Media. There are many times when I find that much of the arts community have this innate sense of martyrdom, and that they are quick to jump against what they perceive as injustice dealt to them, especially by the media. A recent memory was that of Straits Times Life! writer John Lui’s article where he commented about Ilo Ilo not going to be a box office hit in Singapore, despite all the winnings at various international award shows. So many theatre folks on my Facebook timeline went up in arms, calling Lui a fraud, a disgrace and whatever they can think of. The only thought I had at the point in time was, it’s just his opinion. Right or wrong, that’s up to the reader to determine. The industry complains so much about the government thinking that Singaporeans are stupid and not able to think for themselves, yet this incident shows that they don’t even believe Singaporeans are able to think for themselves and judge if an article has its merits or not.

Watching “Rant and Rave”, I feel really sorry for the art critics who are bashed, judged and scorned for their opinion piece. How can the practitioners expect their audience to have an open mind, if they themselves are not willing to give their audience some credit for having a mind of their own. I also do not believe in a comment that was made by a practitioner that basically judged theatre reviewers for their lack of understanding of the process of putting up a production. Why should they need to have that background or experience? Art is about what it means to the viewer, less so about what the director or scriptwriter wants to force down the audience’s throats. The reviewer’s job is to take his experience and put it into context for the person reading his article. A review is, in its very nature, subjective. The very nature of theatre is also the life it takes on its own, sometimes contrary to what the creator’s message really was. Different aspects of the same show will appeal and stand out to different people, and that has always been what makes theatre truly magical. Maybe, instead of snarling at the reviewers, we can take a step back and see how our works have been interpreted, and seek to understand the rationale behind the interpretation. It could even bring a whole new perspective to the show.

In any case, we have only been growing the arts scene for 30 years, I believe it is still too early to demand for maturity in all aspects. And that includes the arts practitioners, the critics, as well as the audience. All the major arts and cultural hubs around the world have had the vast history and more than half a century’s worth of evolution as their foundation and backbone. I also believe that all the challenges that the arts community currently face, will simply become fodder to continuously feed the public as we grow beyond fulfilling our basic needs of food and shelter, and seeking nourishment of the mind and soul.

“Rant and Rave” is on for one last show tomorrow afternoon as part of Esplanade The Studios Season 2014, and I recommend everyone to go catch it while you can.

Music Review 中文

2012.10.19 蘇打綠 當我們一起走過


演唱會一開始,當Believe In Music 的音樂一下,熟悉的音樂真的讓我覺得能在自己國家看演唱會真的很幸福(被保安請求坐下有種莫名的歸屬感)。不知道是不是因為自己生病精神比較不好間接反射到表演者身上,但是總覺得前1/3場青峰的狀態並沒有到100%。忘詞、音不準都不是他常會發生的狀況。我在觀眾席還和小秋說青峰都不走過來我們這,我們沒辦法把僅有的能量傳到舞台上。抑或我們看習慣完美的演出,對一點點偏差就太過於敏感?


我深深感謝阿福掉mic的糗事,因為我覺得那件事情發生之後,青峰笑過之後狀態竟然好轉,接下來的也都是近乎perfect的表演。(鼓掌)我舅舅過世也有2個月了,心情平復點之後,聽到 小時候 就沒有再像高雄那場哭的稀里嘩啦無法停止。但是還是會思念過世的親人,希望他們現在無論在哪裡都過得很好。

當然,最後我還是有點到 白日出沒的月球啦!可是這已經是第三次點這首歌(’08 植物園,’12高雄,’12新加坡)卻還是沒聽到前面那段。結果還是沒有3rd time lucky~


我其實很愛看小威打鼓,就如同我也很愛看YO大打鼓一樣,純粹因為樂手玩得起勁我也會因為這樣情緒也被帶動起來。不用刻意耍帥,也不用去care是否有人在注意,只要be in the moment,這就是完美。就如彩虹樂團主唱hyde曾經在15週年演唱會說過,演唱會就好像一場orgy,而觀眾都是偷窺者。雖有點低俗(A,是hyde的本性),但仔細想想又何嘗不是?表演者在台上享受著表演的快感,而我們在觀眾席的就是在外圍往內看他們在enjoy。表演者越來越起勁,我們這些在看的,也越發興奮。當然,打綠和彩虹不一樣的是,他們是那種會break the 4th wall和觀眾互動的樂團。

雖然有些美中不足,但是總的來說這場還是蘇打綠在新加坡無論曲目或構想最完整的一次表演。我其實很慶幸,因為這代表他們不斷地在進步,越來越有想法。雖然心中有小小的願望,就是能看到他們在小小的live house空間表演,而不是每次都是看大型的演唱會。無論如何,謝謝打綠讓我暫時忘卻生病的疲憊,好好享受了一場音樂之旅。

Review Theatre

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf

Great actors, great script, great designers, great idea. Sounds like a sure-win recipe for success?

Usually that would be the case. However, it did not translate for Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, one of the acts for Huayi 2012..

This play by Edward Albee is so poignant and, to be honest, so scary; much like what a friend says – a mind fuck. But it is a very difficult piece to translate to a Mandarin piece.. Though on one hand I commend Nelson for attempting this classic, on the other I feel it’s such a pity as each individual ingredient is awesome. The dish just wasn’t stunning.

The pace was slow and the building up to the climax was not forceful enough… The final revelation didn’t quite hit as hard as it should have. The intensity, the hatred and the helplessness of the characters did not cone out either.. My bench kept squeaking and moving, signs that people around me were feeling restless and impatient. The pauses that were supposed to be intense just further enhanced the slow pace.. I actually found myself staring at the lights and investigating the furniture.

I also find the absurdist part of the play did not come out as much as it should have. There is always a degree of absurdity in Edward Albee’s creations but this rendition became a bit too realistic, without any tinge of the absurd.

And I think my last complaint is that I don’t feel that the actors brought their A game to this performance. There were times where I cannot help but wonder if the actors are ‘having a moment’, or just spacing out…

Review Technology

So I’m on Google Wave now

I’ve probably never been so excited to see an invite appear in my email… Last night though, right in the middle of class, I was so excited I wanted to pump my fist in the air and shout HELL YEAH!

Because I saw this (Thanks Vic!):

Accepting this invitation was probably the highest point in my day.

So this… is how Google Wave actually looks like:

I’m still exploring the various functions, some of it is not available right now, like uploading files in waves. However, an overview of what Wave can potentially do is listed (with a video from the Product Managers too — 8 mins to watch!) in the screenshot below:

But you know what the BEST WAY to see what Wave can do? Watch This Video NOW!

I think that really sums up the potential of wave. It’s awesome! There’s so much you can do on it I think Gmail will soon be old news. Then again, I’m sure there are still folks who are still using ICQ or even MiRC so I would think normal email will still be very much alive. Gotta preach Wave though. Wave evangelist! (haha)

But I have only one friend to wave with for now. So essentially, this is a preview of previews. Can’t use much of the awesome functionalities without contacts to test them out with. XD

Last note, if you want that elusive invite, I can’t get it for you now… No invite wave as yet (see below screencap). But you can register your interest in the comments and if I do get it, I’ll see if I can nominate you too! Afterall, good things are meant to be shared!

Thanks again Victoria!

Okay now back to watching the 10,000 videos to tell me how cool Wave is. XD


More Google Wave resources:

The Top 11 Google Wave Robots for the Enterprise – Just added the Tweety robot. It syncs with Twitter real time!

Mashable – Google Wave: A Complete Guide

Movie Review

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

So I went to watch X-men Origins: Wolverine yesterday.. And to be honest I was a little disappointed.. It felt like a bit of a rushed job in a sense that there could be more to it.. And of course they manipulated the history of the characters from the comic, though that is to be expected.

I was looking forward to the movie not because of Wolverine, but due to the fact my brother saw the trailer and told me there was GAMBIT. Oh My God.. My Gambit.. I missed him sorely in the first 3 X-Men movies… Gambit was by far my favourite X-Men character, simply due to his charms and wit.. He has the most colourful character background (Wolverine pales in comparison) and most controversial personality. Unfortunately, he’s not the main selected few of X-Men and because of his thief background and involvement in many other ‘villianous’ involvements, most of the X-Men folks don’t trust him that much. And of course, you can imagine my raised eyebrow when Rogue dated Iceman (of ALL people) in the movies..

They did manage to make some cool actions for Gambit in Wolverine though, the ‘charging’ of the cards and his wielding of his stick.. though I think in the movie he used a wooden one (couldn’t see clearly) but his actual weapon of choice is a metal stick. Anyway, it can be written off as due to his yet to mature character. But I just hoped I saw more of him.. Maybe there will be a Gambit spin-off.. *crosses fingers*

I have to say though, I was very impressed by Liev Schreiber’s Sabretooth. It was great work and he really brought out the animalism in Sabretooth.. He was actually the more captivating of all the characters in the movie. Didn’t remember much about Deadpool in the comic but Wade was funny when he was on screen. Tongue-in-cheek and annoying at times, but generally provided the comic moments..

Other than some small bits, Wolverine was still generally a not as exciting movie as I expected it to be.. I think too many people were raving about it that I got my expectations too high..

The killer part though, is that today I went to read some stuff online and found, to my utter horror, that there was a second after-credits ending, featuring Deadpool’s gaining of his comic awareness.. WHICH I MISSED! So annoyed right now. Stupid FOX.. Why did they need to have 2 after credit endings!!?? WHY?????

Movie Review

James Bond: Quantum of Solace

Okay. So I went to watch James Bond: Quantum of Solace. I quite enjoyed it, really.

I like the direction of the opening sequence. The audience wasn’t given any inkling that the show has started and ‘vroom’ an Aston Martin zooms into view, a heart stopping car chase ensues. As the story unfolds, we see more fighting, more dirt, more blood, some sex (only one sex scene really) and quite a bit of humour.

Personally, I like Daniel Craig’s Bond. I think there’s a kind of rawness in him, as compared to Pierce Brosnan’s Bond, which is way too sophisticated for me anyway. Yes. Craig’s Bond leaves a trail of wreckage behind wherever he goes, but I believe it’s a part of his growth into James Bond. In my opinion, the molding of Bond is probably as such Craig > Connery > Brosnan. The others were.. Urm.. Identity crises. Craig’s Bond doesn’t think twice before he does anything, doesn’t consider the consequences, doesn’t think of other possibilities. He follows his gut and his instincts, which is quite often propelled by women in seeming distress. He is intelligent and sharp, but still an animal. He hasn’t yet learned that there are ways to accomplish things without having to kill. He even fails at trying to protect himself. Almost every woman in his life sees right through him and his walls. Think about it this way. How much of a real 007 is he, when he can’t even build a proper wall around his heart? Don’t forget, the very first James Bond movie “Dr. No” portrayed Bond as a seasoned spy, not a young rookie. Who is to know if his past isn’t as it is portrayed in Craig’s Bond? We are simply too comfortable with watching the veteran Bond and might find it a little odd to accept the rookie Bond.

It is entirely possible that I like the current rendition of James Bond because I got to a point where Brosnan’s Bond was so congested by machines and gadgets and sex that if all these were stripped away, there’d be absolutely nothing left in James Bond, the person. I stopped watching Bond after just 2 movies. By the time The World Is Not Enough was showing, I was so disgusted by the overly computerised effects in the Bond series that I had absolutely no inclination to head to the movie theatres to catch it. I found Brosnan’s Bond with no soul at all, just another living walking machine. I’d rather watch Austin Powers. However, I had the chance to catch a snippet of Sean Connery’s Bond in Thailand in 2006, but I didn’t find him much to my liking. Maybe it was because I was watching You Only Live Twice and it was the last movie that starred Connery as Bond, the time he got really sick of playing Bond. I thought it was above average, but not as exciting as the hype had made it to be.

Daniel Craig really delivers a solid performance as James Bond, the arrogant demeanour, yet with vulnerability in the eyes; mean yet gentle; polished yet raw. A lot of contradicting factors in one character. Awesome. Here’s a really good review of it.

Anyway, I digressed. I’m supposed to be writing about Quantum of Solace.. It’s such a funny show! Granted, it isn’t tear-jerking funny like Borat but it’s has many of those subtle one-liners that really cracked me up. Spoiler ahead. Stop reading if you have yet to watch it and don’t want the jokes to be revealed. It’s all over the place though, cos it’s based on what comes to my mind.

* Bond killed Edmund Slate, an informant for Mitchell, and when M called Bond and asked for the status of the lead with Slate.
Bond: Tell her he’s a dead end.
M: He’s killed him!

* Part I (When they first meet):
Camille: Get In!
Bond: What!?
Camille: Get In!
Bond: Allright.

Part II (After Bond was stopped from continuing the mission and escapes the hotel):
Camille: Get In!
Bond: Are you going to shoot me!
Camille: I said Get In!

* Camille (forgot exactly which scene): Is the person (Greene attacked) a woman?
Bond: Yes. But it’s not what you think.
Camille: Your mother?
Bond: She thinks so.

* At the hotel, Fields was killed by Greene and found covered in oil, with oil in her system as well. At the end of the show, after Bond captures Greene, he drives him to the middle of the desert, and sets him free.
Greene: Please… I told you everything..
Bond: Oh no I’m not going to kill you. I’m sure your friends will be very interested in finding you. And you’re in the desert. (Throws him a can of motor oil) I bet it’ll be 20 miles before you consider drinking this.

* At this dilapidated airway Bond got hold of a plane to manoveur.
Camille: How much did you pay him?
Bond: He wanted you but I gave him the car. He’ll make more money giving us up anyway.
Bond flies off and scene cuts to the man making a phone call.

* Strawberry Fields, tasked to bring Bond back to London, brings them to a dilapidated ‘hotel’ which was supposed to fit their covers as teachers on sabbatical. Instead Bond refuses and brings them to a posh hotel and heads to the concierge.
Bond: We’re teachers on sabbatical, who’ve just won a lottery.

* After locating where Dominic Greene was going and M authorised a private plane for Bond to go chase him.
M: Could you avoid killing every possible lead?
Bond: I’ll try my best. (throws the phone on the passenger seat)
M: I’ve heard that before.

* Bond calls Felix in Haiti and asks to meet him at the local bar. Bond discovers Felix didn’t come alone and asks
Bond: How much time?
Felix: 30 seconds
Bond: We don’t have much time then do we?
Felix: (Gives the information Bond wanted) You better start running Bond.
A hoard of SWAT agents begin dashing about trying to catch Bond, while Felix continues to drink his beer nonchalantly. “You will never be able to catch him” written all over his face.

* After Camille found out that she was supposed to get killed, she tried to shoot Bond but he jumped out of the car in time. A man who was following them in a bike all along asked
Man in Bike: You were supposed to shoot her!
Bond: I missed.
And promptly kicks his bike away from under the man and rides away on it.

* Bond (At M’s remark on how the Americans wanted him alive for questioning): If the American’s wanted Le Chiffre’s soul, they should have made a deal with the priest.

* At the Greene Enterprise? fundraising party, when Greene tried to push Camille off the building and Bond arrives just in time to stop it
Greene : You can’t imagine how amazing she is, when she’s on her back.
Camille : I wish I could say the same about you.

* Final scene, after Bond exits Vesper’s bf’s place…
M : Is he alive?
Bond : Yeah.
M : I’m suprised.

* Bond calling the CIA undercover office in Haiti and Felix answered.
Bond: You should just anwser ‘CIA’, Felix. A taxi driver told me where the office was.

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Food Review Singapore

Pho Hoa

Now that I’m back working in Suntec, there’re some lunch joints that I quite liked that I can go again. One of it is Pho Hoa. It’s simple & casual Vietnamese noodles, Pho.


And it’s Healthy! Relatively healthy I mean. It has no MSG (at least I don’t get thirsty after a meal here) and it really does serve tasty stuff.

This is a selection of your normal Pho. Nothing fancy, just simple steak, brisket & meat balls combination. This time round, I ordered the Pho Tai Bo Vien, or the steak & meat balls combi.


While waiting for my order, I read a book. =) My Vivienne Westwood wallet has been complaining that she has no screen time on my blog so here it is.. Hope she’s satisfied.


Decor at the place is really very simple, but because it’s got large windows, it’s nice and bright, which is a trait I like when I eat. I prefer to see what I’m eating thank you very much.


Look closely and you can see the steam from the soup. I love hot soup especially when you’ve spent half the day in a freezing cold office. Always a huge welcome. I also like that they have kept the steak half-raw, because the hot soup will cook the meat just nice in no time. Giving fully cooked meat with the soup would make it overcooked by the time we actually eat it.


Close up of the soup. Look at the steam! And the thinly sliced beef! The meat balls are quite big too!


The real good stuff is this side plate, where there are bean sprouts and chili. I love the chili paste. It’s not too spicy yet gives a real good flavour to the meat. The chopped chili has too many seeds though. Small complaint there. And because I LOVE BEANSPROUTS!!! (Okay I know I’m a little whacked) So I requested for more beansprouts and my noodle turned out like this:

pho-hoa-7 pho-hoa-8

Where’s the main dish? Haha.

There’s another dish I really like here, which is the Carrot Beef Stew. The stew is thick and the beef chunks are tender and just nicely cooked. You could get the stew with bread or pho. I’ll take pictures the next time I visit Pho Hoa!

Review Technology

Google Chrome – Impressions of a casual user

Okay. I know I said casual. And yet I’m quick to start trying it out. Honestly, comparing myself to the others who have been testing it in the states, I’m casual. Those guys are serious web developers dudes! I’m just…. in ’cause it’s new & fun. Ok here goes.

First impressions. I like the layout and the colour scheme of the browser. Very similar to Firefox 3.0 (3.0.1 recently released), the interface is clean without any fuss. When I first opened Google Chrome, it offered to import all my bookmarks from Firefox immediately, presumably because my default browser is Firefox at the moment. Any IE or Safari users like to testify that Chrome will offer based on current default browser settings? Smart move. I also liked the “Most Visited” areas where the websites which I visit the most often is placed right at the front page. I’m sure it will make my surfing much more efficient, and I can get things done faster. The search bar is now to the right of the page, instead of right smack in the centre as of current Google search page. Doesn’t affect searching much since it’s still pretty prominent. An interesting feature I noticed is that the URL bar is embedded within the tabs, instead of the other way around, as with the rest of the browsers. It may not make much sense now, but once I took a look at the best feature of Chrome, this design fits perfectly.



Tab detaching. Refreshing change. Will definitely improve my internet experience. I’ve been in situations where I wanted to view a current tab as a new window and instead of addressing this immediately, I had to copy and paste the url in a new window. Troublesome. With this, going from tabs to windows is so much easier.

chrome-main chrome-newtab chrome-newtabprog

Viewing area. Much bigger compared to Firefox. Less need for vertical scrolling, which is always good when reading long articles, like blogs or news. Being every so lazy, less scrolling = love.

chrome-size chrome-sizeff

Browse invisibly. HOLY COW! I was checking out the controls drop-down, which is the dog-eared page icon on the top right hand corner, and what do I see? A selection that says “New incognito window”. So what do I do? CLICK it of course. It allows you to browse websites, yet do not leave any trace on your computer. Good for those browsing on public resources and yet do not want to clear cookies everytime you log out. Cool stuff!


Web developers tools. This portion I’m not exactly excited about, since I know nuts about web developing. hehehe. What I do know it does is that you can look at the codes of page, fiddle with Javascrīpt and check out the task manager. The task manager really is pretty for-nerds-only as it measures the memory in a multi process browser, and shows you the stats.

But it seems like a useful tool, as lifehacker reports. What it can help me as a normal everyday user, I don’t think very much. Just a little tidbit that shows Google cares for all. =)


Root domain. Some anti-phishing help, Chrome highlights the root domain of every page you go to, as shown. It will offer some protection against people stealing your identity, which is what phishing is in a nutshell… I think. Not adept in phishing but it was just interesting to me. XD

Check out the lifehacker review (link above). He gives a 1000000x better review that what I can do, showcasing more functions. You don’t even have to test it! He does it for you.

Other no screenshots impressions.

Speed. It’s incredibly fast. Alot faster than Firefox. Do I need to mention IE at all?

Easy bookmarking. Makes your bookmarking easier, with the bookmark icon just next to the url bar. Similar to Firefox 3. To look at all your bookmarks, the “Other bookmarks” icon is right on top at the right hand corner. Does away with an additional row of toolbar, which is mostly useless.

In general, Google Chrome seems to be a more efficient way of browsing the internet. At least for me. I’m sure I’ll find room for improvement as time goes by, when I really get down to serious browsing with this browser. But for first impressions, Chrome delivers.

However, I’m not sure if it will enable Google to take over the browser market. Firefox users will most likely be the first to switch. Not that Firefox is bad, just that Mozilla users are more susceptible to such advances in technology. Some of the less hardcore IE users might switch because of the speed, but as there are still some advantages of IE over other browsers, I doubt IE will die off. Another one to fight for a slice of the pie, I think the biggest sufferer will be Safari..

Sometimes I thank God for Microsoft dominance. Windows users are usually able to test new stuff earlier. Like Google Chrome. Chrome for Mac & Linux users are not ready yet, but you can sign up on the download page to get first wind of it.

Side note, Firefox doesn’t support Javascrīpt all that well so I hope Chrome will do better…

Download Google Chrome yourself to test it out.

Bloggers who have already checked it out & blogged about it:
– jialat dot com
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Food Review Singapore

No Signboard Seafood Restaurant

New Year’s dinner with current + ex-colleagues was at Geylang’s No Signboard seafood restaurant.

DSC00360 DSC00361

While we were waiting for our food to arrive, playing around with taking photos of the appetizers.DSC00403

They are best known for their white pepper crab which is usually cooked to the right mixture of spice and yet not lose the freshness of the crab.

Also very generous with their serving of green onions, thus enhancing the fresh sea taste of crabs yet killing any smell it might have.

Also quite tasty is their chilli crab. This dish, of course, has to be served with piping hot and crispy man tou. Dipping the man tou in the not-very-spicy-but-slightly-sweet gravy and letting the man tou soak it all up, is pure heaven.

Other than the signature crabs, we had to have some sides to go with it.


I love Achar. I think it’s the greatest thing in the world next to bread.

However, the achar at No Signboard was not sour enough to whet your appetite and it’s not crunchy enough to feel like a good ol’ salad-ish dish.

One good thing about their food, which is very apparent in this stir-fry kailan dish, is that it does not threaten to kill us with salt.

The baby squid that day was a disappointment. Not crispy enough. Personally I find that it is coated with too much honey. It’s sweet but lacks the crispiness of it. Sad fact, cos the distinct crunch is the best part of eating fried baby squids. Other than a mug of beer in the other hand.

They are known for seafood and for a reason. The prawns are succulent and fresh and huge. Cereals are spiced with the right amount of basil & chilli so as to bring out the taste yet not overpower it.

Their cereal is so addictive the waitresses will help you hold the plate while you scoop every single remaining piece into your bowl. *sheepish*

No Signboard Seafood Restaurant (Geylang)
414 Geyland Road Lor 24
(Nearest MRT Aljunied)

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 3pm-2am
Tel: 6842 3415
Payment: Cash, Visa

Food Review Singapore

Curry Wok

Sometimes we think how friendships are built over food. Just take the example of my dad and the owner of Curry Wok. They met cos my dad was introduced to this place which serves some great food, because he wanted to get some fresh awesome otah. My dad and the owner shares one passion — food. And the owner ain’t stingy about treating my dad to expensive stuff. He just wanted company. So fortunately for my dad, he gets to enjoy some really good stuff.

But of course, we are not people who are unappreciative. My dad brings him business. We eat there as and when we can, and my dad packs for his staff sometimes, brings clients for lunch etc..

Okay.. Really, this blog post ain’t about friendship. It’s about food and what’s a food post without food talk and food photos!?

Curry Wok is famous for 2 things. Curry Fish Head and Braised Pork Knuckles. These are must trys for every visit.

First up the Curry Fish Head.


The curry is rich and creamy but not overwhelming. It’s well balanced in it’s taste, being spicy and yet the spiciness does not take over the fresh taste of the fish head. Proportions are healthy and the fish head is meaty and really fresh. No fishy taste at all.

We had the vegetables up next..

currywok-chupchye currywok-currychye currywok-kangkong

Honestly, their vegetables are just normal. I wouldn’t rave and rant about them but hey! My mom doesn’t eat meat so what are we gonna do? And it provides some balance to the array of meat meat and more meat you going to see later!


This century tofu dish actually came a little later than the vegetables which I was quite amused. It’s a cold dish which is supposed to be eaten before the rest. And it’s pretty easy to make considering that there was zero cooking involved. XD That said, this is one of my favourite dishes. The Tofu is soft and delicate and the century egg is slightly sticky yet extremely Q. But the saving factor has to be the sauce. Most Century Egg Tofu sauces are extremely salty, to make up for the general tastelessness of this dish. However, Curry Wok’s sauce is thick but not too salty, It compliments the bland tasting tofu yet you can still taste the refreshing taste of cold tofu.


Now this is one delicacy. The Ngoh Hiang is 100% home-made and the ingredients used is fresh and really generous. They are not afraid to charge a little higher, because they know that what they deliver is one of the most awesome Ngoh Hiang I’ve ever tried. The outer bean skin is so thin that when it is deep fried, it’s extraordinarily crispy, even when it’s cool. The meat is not too oily and fattening as they try to use as much lean meat as possible. It’s easy to tell that they only use fresh oil to fry this because you do not get those blackened flakes and distinct burnt smell which accompanies dishes fried multiple times in the same oil.


Now this Otah what my dad used to buy home for us in cartons of 10 (I know, we’re gluttons.) Hey! If it’s good, it’s worth it! Like the ngoh hiang, it’s not cheap but after you sink your teeth into the soft otah and bite some fresh fish chunks, you’ll agree with me that it’s worth every single penny. I always like to keep this till the end to savour it’s flavour and never once has the taste deteriorated because it’s been left out uneaten for at least 20mins. It is still juicy and soft, unlike some other places’ otah, where you really have to eat it up first before it dries up.

Now for the main attraction…


Look at the SIZE of the pork knuckle! Really I don’t know where they get their supply but it’s HUGE. Mind you it’s not multiple pieces but ONE GIGANORMOUS piece. Honest to God, you can look at the remnants later. It’s braised in dark soy sauce with garlic, ginger and whatever. To such perfection it is cooked, that the skin and the meat is easily separated, without any trouble. Do not be fooled by all that skin and fats.. It’s surprisingly light and the skin is not overladen with fatty tissue, as with most pork knuckles sold elsewhere. Dig in with not THAT much guilt….  XD

All cleaned up! Look at the size of the Pork Knuckle bone!!!


We cleaned up every single drop of food. Really every single one. Even the fish head curry… We were just short of licking the plates to get the most out of the sauces…

Personally, I think the food at Curry Wok is so amazing because they put their heart into it and because the owner’s a food fanatic, it is his faith and mission to ensure that what he delivers to his customers is personally acceptable. And not to mention, they do not stinge on their ingredients, which is what makes the difference between good food and great food. The place is small and atmosphere just like your grandmother’s little kitchen, where your family gather together and have a great home-cooked meal, chatting away while you wolf down everything that’s on your plate, thanking God that there IS food on your plate. It’s the kind of simple pleasure at eating great food that makes this place more than just good food!

Be there early or make a reservation! If not be prepared, you will not have any seats!

Curry Wok
5 Coronation Road
#01-04 Coronation Arcade
(Next to Coronation Plaza)

Opening Hours: Wed-Mon: 11am-930pm
Tel: 6464 8878
Payment: Cash