So now army boys are to be banned from taking the bus?

Troll or not, this JusticeLegal is seriously amusing.

She basically thinks that all NS boys should shun public transport cos they stink and spread germs to her daughters, and scare them so much that they will get nightmares about “smelly green monsters”. She suggests that they should all take taxis or get their parents to fetch them instead of fouling the public with their stench.

How….. Naive and narrow-minded she is.

I agree some of them stink. But that’s because they had been working out not too long ago. I used to be in the NPCC when I was in secondary school, and I bet I stunk after my 4 long ECA hours on Saturdays. Though I doubt I knew that, cos all of us stunk big time so my sense of smell is, rather fortunately, accustomed to it. Of course it would be very nice if they could have avoided stinking so much, but often, they are just so tired that they want to get home as fast as they could, and take a nice long and good shower, instead of a 5-min rinse. Furthermore, even non-NS men have body odour at the end of a long day. Much as I might not like it, I understand and just either bear with it or try to make myself feel a bit better by discreetly covering my nose or something. Keyword: discreetly.

However, she fails to see one aspect. NS is compulsory. That means you have to be conscripted whether you like it or not. We do have a good percentage of Singaporeans who are not well off, and the money that the NS men get from the army is so precious to their family income. How can we expect them to take the taxi, when they sometimes book out at 11pm at night? What if those who are allowed to book out every day? Are they to take a cab 5 nights a week?

And even if the army boy is rich enough to take a cab all the time, wouldn’t it be good to instill triftyness, and teach them how to wisely manage their finances, rather than giving them free reign to spend any way they want? Don’t forget, these boys are Singaporeans, and they form us, and our economy, and maybe even our government.

Of course it would be really nice if they could put some deodorant to minimise the smell, but do they always have a choice? The last ferry out of Tekong leaves at 11pm. If they had to do some corporal punishment etc and only managed to catch the last ferry, I hardly think they’d have time to spruce up. Don’t forget that they have to wait at the Changi jetty for the shuttle bus to reach Pasir Ris.. By the time they reached Pasir Ris interchange, they’d probably be dashing to catch their last buses / trains back home.

I don’t understand why we can’t all be a bit more understanding? And a little bit more intelligent… And  abit more open-minded… I think all these prejudices & discrimination stems from one thing. Ignorance.

The thread is a whopping 35 pages long, so please read it only when you have enough free time and want some laughs.

Edit: Oops, I forgot to add the link in. So please click here for laughs.

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