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L’arc-en-ciel: My 1.5 Decade Fandom

They say the music you listen to in your teens, will stay with you for life. When it comes to L’arc-en-ciel, I don’t think I can agree more.

  • 2000, first discovery when my classmates jammed to Driver’s High
  • 2004, SMILE was the first album I went searching around Singapore for
  • 2005 Asia Tour in Shanghai was the first time I flew to watch a concert
  • 2006, I shut myself in my room for almost 3 hours, spazzing over their 15 Anniversary concert
  • 2012, traveled again for their concert, this time to Taipei in 2012
  • 2012 in Singapore was a dream come true
  • 2014, live screening of documentary “Over the L’arc-en-ciel” in Singapore announced
  • 2015, I’m still waiting for the next World Tour

15 years later, my love for them still runs strong, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to ever stop. It may not run as deep and intense as that for X, laruku still counts as one of the bands that I truly truly love.

Seeing as how accomplished and well loved hyde is as a vocalist, it would probably surprise many people that he really didn’t want to be one when they first started the band. He didn’t think being the vocalist was cool, and wanted to be the lead guitarist. (REALLY? hyde. Really.) He is also one of those few that readily admit that he is a bit sick of playing and performing with the same band, at their first big concert in Madison Square Garden in NYC! I’ve always loved how brutally honest he was, very much unlike the celebrities now, all smiles and laughter, but full of scorn and arrogance the minute the cameras are turned off. I also really enjoy the fact that he doesn’t really care about what everyone thinks, because he went and got married in 2000, at the peak of their success. Not because of any baby in the wife’s tummy, but truly because he wanted to marry her, his idol. And the whole band went on hiatus almost immediately after that, in 2001! Imagine the shock of the fans! First their idol gets married, and then the band rests indefinitely!? I swear I could hear hearts breaking. And the intensity of his protectiveness towards his family is inspiring. He knows he gets crazy fans everywhere he goes, but his family has hardly (if ever) been photographed or harassed. Maybe because he got married at a time and age where the internet was only dial-up and there wasn’t the ease of information sharing available now, and the media was a lot more respectful.

And then, how can you not talk about a rock band without mentioning their mad skills. Rather, the mad skills of tetsuya, the bassist. Generally, for most rock band, the guitar is the shining star of the instruments. But no. Not for laruku. tetsuya’s bass lines are just pure magic. The bass line he creates, takes on a life of its own, with the additional ommph it brings to the song. Just listen to “Blurry Eyes”, “Honey”, “Stay Away” and you will hear what I mean. Bass guitars often take a back seat, playing the supporting role in the band, but laruku’s bass plays an equally (if not more) important role in the songs. And check out “Neo Universe”. He plays a 6-string.

Plus, they are in their mid-40s, yet are just as sexy as they were in their 30s. Japanese rockers. How the hell do they do it?

Oh, and did I mention that the Stay Away MV has the 4 members dancing in synchronicity, like boy bands? :p

L’arc-en-ciel – Stay Away

Therefore, in February, the month they started to get together, I remember why I love them so much!

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Annyeong Daehan Minguk!!!

It’s been 15 years since I’ve been in South Korea, the first, and the only time I’ve been there was during the year end school holidays in 1999. I was only 16 at that time and the whole family went on a package tour. Don’t really remember much about the trip, only that we were luckier than the other bus in that we got a better local guide who kept us entertained with random jokes and stories. The first Korean word I learnt was ‘ippoyo’, because he said that it sounds like 一包藥 (a packet of medicine).

Those who know me will know that I’m loyal to a few Jrock bands, but otherwise my celebrity flings come and go at lightening speed. And I hardly pay much attention to a celebrity when they are at their peak, and only start being interested after they’ve passed it. Thus, 9 years after their debut, I’ve recently been taken up by Super Junior, and in particular Kim Heechul. He’s pretty, handsome, funny, witty, and crazy, all rolled in one. Just the type of unorthodox celebrity I’d like. Anyway, fan-girling aside, the whole reason I brought up Super Junior (other than continuously telling the world Heechul’s my bias), is that I’m finally going to South Korea again! After 15 long years!

Flying off in a few days and really looking forward to eating the local food and visiting all the tourist spots that I missed, and the museums that I didn’t get to see. Plus, maybe do a bit of Heenim stalking.



My new wallpaper! Woohoo! <3<3<3<3


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The Evolution of Devon Sawa

He was so cute in Casper~~


Who is this man???