I am so god-damned tired. I have been standing for the whole day today. Well, more or less the whole day. And the whole of Monday night.

Gosh. Esplanade is so freaking stupid. Such a humongous place and their control room is so bloody small. If I put 2 chairs, I won’t have space to move about. Plus, they don’t even have those plastic chairs. Give me those cushioned roller chairs in such small space.

Then, they have those soundproofing padding.. But the whole sound control room is open what! I mean there’s no window or door or anything… What the Fuck! Wast money only. But I have to admit la, their board damn smooth. Wah lauz.. I push the fader also shiok. Haha..

Today’s update very anyhow. So singlish. Machiam those cannot speak English Ah Huay liddat. Cannot be bothered liao la… Damn sian..

I learnt some new swear words. Hu Lao Lao & Chi Hwa Hwa… That is another longggg story…

But then again, this production.. I never regretted doing it instead of Dangerous Liaisons. Aiyo. First they pay me more. Then production everybody I know one. Cast all can be standup comedians. The only jialat part is the standing la…

I think I am going to lose some weight…….. *yawn*