What Big Bombs You Have

Yaay! The show has ended!! Even with the lights problems, I guess it went well. The rest of the shows were almost all perfect shows with no big problems at all. So here are my usual thank Yous!

Wow. It’s going to be really short cos there are only so few production people!!! Haha.

Joanna – Hur hur. I got very good karma one. Ha ha.

Shelia – You little abused child you. Tiger Balm really very powderful right? It’s my secret weapon leh.

Hidayah – Your crazy antics and laughter really made the production more fun to be in. I won’t forget the ‘Chi Hua Hua’ and the ‘Hu Lao Lao’..

Jed – Aiyoh. I never met anyone more lame than you man. But I am really amazed you like tofu toys. I rarely meet (ok. Make that never) a guy who collects tofu toys like crazy.

Vivianne – So the Mr Lim thing didn’t work out ah? Not noisy enough for you issit? Tell us what type you like we matchmake for you. Hahhahahaha!

Sook Fong – This time is you at the board with me ah, not hidden behind the curtains. We had leg strengthening exercises for 1.5 hours twice a day. I think I very fit now.

Nic – Free 1 whole bar of chocolate ah. Such a good deal. Though i don’t understand why you like white chocolate so much.

Hossan – This is like the 3rd time we worked together? I will miss you.. and your plunger. But I will probably miss your plunger more.

Enlai – Wah lauz. You and your diva-ish nonsense. Haha! And I would have fainted if I was the one who saw you about to shit. Anyway, “Enlai, when was the last time you had sex?”

Chermaine – I always very nice one leh. Not to you only. Haha.

Alin – “Eh Mamak” “Should I use green or red cherries for the gingerbread man’s nose?” I love your humor and neverending joy that you give to everyone around you!!!

Gene – You really love to sing. Or you sing before every show to just warm up? ^_~