The UMWA – Ultimate Money Wasting Activity.

Toto/4D/Scratch and what not. What everyone else calls small betting. Betting for the fun of it. No harm. Buying a small hope. Whatever.

i don’t understand. Do the maths. The total amount one spends on buying lottery is definitely very much less than the total amount you actually win! Why is it that Singaporeans flock to lottery kiosks and buy lottery like there’s no tomorrow?? Is it some betting gene in us that makes us attracted to lottery like metal to magnet? Or like flies to shit? No wonder the government is so sure that the casino will be okay-ed here. Singaporeans are probably some kind of betting addict.

The worst thing is that almost everyone, even if you are living on a tight budget.. Or you don’t have much money in that POSB bank account, or if you are really living hand to mouth, you will stand in the queue every Thursday to “buy hope”. What a fucked up world.

One number for 4D costs a MINIMUM of $2 for ONE day. That can buy me char kuay teow at the market. LUNCH. Usually people won’t buy for one day. They’d buy both Sat & Sun. So that’s $4. One bowl of noodles at the foodcourt. One meal. And usually people won’t buy one number. They’d fill one sheet of betting slip, which can fit 4 numbers. And for 2 days. Min $16 for every betting slip!!! That’s enough to last me lunch for 4 days!

What a waste of money! And what do they say when you kindly remind them that it’s a huge fucking waste of good money? They dig up instances where their number won and they DIDN’T buy! Excuse me?? How about the numberous times you BOUGHT the number and it DIDN’T win?? How about the equally numberous times you didn’t buy and it didn’t win???

These people ignore the blatant fact that betting on lottery is a fucking waste of time, money and energy. There’s some fancy name that psychologists give to such mentality that after my 3 years in NUS, I’ve forgotten. That was a waste as well anyway.

Someone should ban lottery buying and sue Singapore Pools for corrupting the minds of Singaporeans.