I have a bad habit. A very bad habit of ignoring the signals my body gives me. I usually recognise them and understand that I have to do something about it. Yet I always downplay the seriousness of the situation..

My stomach’s been acting terribly strange for a few weeks now, and just last week I was still telling my friends that I need to watch my intake of spicy food, for fear of gastric re flux or stomach flu issues.. And I still did not go to the doctor’s. Until today that is. Until I threw up my lunch less than an hour after I had it. That was the last straw that pushed me to finally see a doctor.
Lo and behold, lots of wind in my stomach and bad indigestion, leading to too much acid build up. And before I even told the doctor my symptoms, he was asking me if I had burping issues, regurgitation problems, loss of appetite, nausea, and discomfort in the tummy area… So essentially, all I did during the consultation was go “yes, yes, yes yes yes…”
Though I have to say, when the doctor said “No coffee” & “No spicy food”… I died a little.