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Preferred Paypal member

That’s me, apparently. How exactly did I get elevated to this status is beyond me, yet I received this in my email today.


I did, however, checked my paypal account and voila, there it was, the banner that tells me I’m privileged.

The PayPal Advantage website doesn’t state how to get into the program, but gives some vaguely dodgy answer like “You will know if you’re eligible if you receive a special invitation from PayPal“..

However, according to some old PayPal Advantage website, I’d need to spend $5,000 in 12 months to qualify? I’m 500% sure I did not spend that kind of money.

Hope this isn’t some sort of scam, though there really aren’t many benefits that I’m actually reaping from this elevated status. The program offers priority customer service ( I get to CUT QUEUE!) and faster dispute resolutions. I have used none of them.

Maybe that’s why I’m a priority customer.