The Master’s Sun

My first impression of Korean dramas started with Autumn’s Fairy Tale back in 2000, which was the first show that was brought into Singapore. Now, I have never had any liking to tear jerking shows that basically have the main characters cry from episode 1 to the last episode. And the story is all love drama with terribly unfortunate characters. And this was what Autumn’s Fairy Tale & the next show brought in, Winter Sonata, was like.

It wasn’t till My Name Is Kim Sam Soon in 2005 which finally gave me a different view of Korean dramas. The show, albeit really good, was not enough to reverse the impact the earlier shows had on my aversion to Korean dramas. Until The Master’s Sun.

Imagine a horror romantic comedy with cheesy situations and corny lines. Throw in great acting, charming actors & actresses, intriguing cinematography; perfect recipe for a great prime time drama! If there’s one reason to watch this show, it’s the awesome acting by the main female lead. She’s cute, pathetic, funny all rolled into one neat little package. And she actually convinces me that she can see ghosts and there are really ‘people’ around her.

It’s only 16 episodes and will end on 2 October 2013, so go watch it online!!!


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Fwoah same era de person! Then *touch wood la hor* watch that stupid show until the final episode then just sit there, lady lead nose bleed, then mati. Stupid storyboard leh. I ate my first Kim Chi in 2006 when I joined Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd in my first perm job. Very nice Korean BBQ off the Pasir Panjang area where my lady boss gave us our first treat. Oh ya oh ya watch online.. fiberoptic slowing down again.. From 33.6kbps become 200Mbps still can slow down one meh

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