Food Review Singapore

No Signboard Seafood Restaurant

New Year’s dinner with current + ex-colleagues was at Geylang’s No Signboard seafood restaurant.

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While we were waiting for our food to arrive, playing around with taking photos of the appetizers.DSC00403

They are best known for their white pepper crab which is usually cooked to the right mixture of spice and yet not lose the freshness of the crab.

Also very generous with their serving of green onions, thus enhancing the fresh sea taste of crabs yet killing any smell it might have.

Also quite tasty is their chilli crab. This dish, of course, has to be served with piping hot and crispy man tou. Dipping the man tou in the not-very-spicy-but-slightly-sweet gravy and letting the man tou soak it all up, is pure heaven.

Other than the signature crabs, we had to have some sides to go with it.


I love Achar. I think it’s the greatest thing in the world next to bread.

However, the achar at No Signboard was not sour enough to whet your appetite and it’s not crunchy enough to feel like a good ol’ salad-ish dish.

One good thing about their food, which is very apparent in this stir-fry kailan dish, is that it does not threaten to kill us with salt.

The baby squid that day was a disappointment. Not crispy enough. Personally I find that it is coated with too much honey. It’s sweet but lacks the crispiness of it. Sad fact, cos the distinct crunch is the best part of eating fried baby squids. Other than a mug of beer in the other hand.

They are known for seafood and for a reason. The prawns are succulent and fresh and huge. Cereals are spiced with the right amount of basil & chilli so as to bring out the taste yet not overpower it.

Their cereal is so addictive the waitresses will help you hold the plate while you scoop every single remaining piece into your bowl. *sheepish*

No Signboard Seafood Restaurant (Geylang)
414 Geyland Road Lor 24
(Nearest MRT Aljunied)

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 3pm-2am
Tel: 6842 3415
Payment: Cash, Visa