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These are my emails sent today… Just one day of leave and I have to work till 3am… Didn’t even reply to all my emails.. FML


Travels Work

Waiting for Godot

I have 2 pending travels that hasn’t had any confirmation whatsoever yet. This annoys me to no end. Not that I’m dying to travel, it’s the lack of concrete answer that I’m irritated about. How am I supposed to make any personal plans if I don’t have any confirmation? I had originally wanted to go Malaysia for a short break during the Labour day long weekend, but now it seems like I’ll have to be on the plane travelling to Florida for on-site UAT.

On top of that I’m also worried that my other project team has not confirmed on a travel date for the week-long on-site meetings that are supposed to be in April. My exams are in April. I have another remote site UAT in April. I need to study in April. There are so many things that I have to complete in the next two months and I cannot plan at all because I don’t know what’s going to happen.

I hate having to change my plans over and over again, simply because I cannot get a proper confirmation.

If the project on-site meetings fall on the last week of April, I’m dead screwed. To be honest, even if it’s on the week of the 18th, I’d be pretty screwed too. Because it just takes away 1 week of studying. Either way, I’m pretty screwed.. FML