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Team dinner

Thank goodness Nabeel was there or I would have whacked all the buns and the fried rice!!

Great dinner great company!!!

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The maid ate everything!!!

Oh My God.

My maid ate all my dinner. The good part that is.

Mom said she asked the maid cook fried rice for dinner. Cos neighbour kindly cooked some dishes for mom. So mom thought she’d ask the maid to cook some fried rice for us. Said fried rice contains dried scallops, silver fish and egg amongst other things. So while maid was frying, mom told her that the scallops are expensive and that to save some fried rice so that me & my brother can have some when we come back.

When maid just finish frying, mom’s friend came to visit her. So while mom & friend were chatting, mom’s friend saw that maid went to wash the bowl of rice. MAID FINISHED EVERYTHING! The bowl was a huge soup bowl and it was a round heap of rice!

Bowl about this big: CLICKIE

Maid sure knows what is good. Neighbour’s chicken & mushroon dish & the cabbage soup were left untouched. But the big bowl of delicious & expensive fried rice was totally cleaned off.

Mom couldn’t believe it but she had a guest so it wasn’t very nice to well, scold maid or anything.. So she had no choice.

But when mom told me, it took all of my willpower to NOT laugh!!! It was sooooooooo funny! My mom was so exasperated that she was all “She finished it. You know. The maid finished all the good stuff. The dried scallops are expensive you know…”