the visit of the tai-tai

That’s the photo we took of the entire cast, with Darren, Krishen, Ashley & the kids.

I loved the show. Not the show per say, but working on the show. I love how we all had so much fun although it was probably hell backstage but so darn boring outside. Haha. I love how I met so many new people. As with a ‘tradition’ I have decided to start for myself since Sing Song, I want to say something to all these people.

Krishen – It was fun working with you again since Prelude to A Kiss. It’s a pity I am not an actor, if not I would have been able to learn more from you. ^^
Cast : All 17 of you –
Ivan – The make up was horrendous.. (up close that is) Too scary.. Haha..
Gani & Kay Siu – it was great seeing you guys again!
Benjamin (Bobby the butler.. ^^) – I enjoyed your butler dance so much! It was the highlight of every show! I remember the first time I saw you doing the dance, I almost choked.
Ben Matthews – “Isn’t it divine my chickadee..” Hehe..
Juwanda – I am so sorry I didn’t manage to get your TNP.
Ace – I love your hair. Well.. Robby’s hair rather..
En Lai – backagenic… darkogenic… faragenic… sidogenic… So much nonsense..
Fanny – Your rifle shot was nice and clear! ^^
Alicia, Gerald, Christina, Johnathon, Gordon, Tony, Chermaine – Glad to have met you guys!
Lee Lee – I depend on you liao ah.. Haha.. Whether I do Toy Factory or the I Not Stupid one ah.. Let me think about it a bit la… I Not Stupid 1 month really long leh..
Juraidah – So did Mr Matthews ask you out??
Richard – You got problem with my Tiger pen right? CAK… Wahahah
Charis – Poor thing.. Always see you get bullied by RK.. Muahah.. But Kuang Han say you are the most beautiful leh.. Haha..
Hidayah – I never knew steaming clothes was so terribly difficult sia.. >Nina, Lynn, Gen, Janice, Ying Qi, Yvette, Pauline – I had so much fun going for smoke breaks and bitching! See you guys around real soon!
Kim – Go on and hit tworks with $1500. Ask for it. You are good enough so why settle for less? I don’t think you should settle for anything less than $1000. Good luck!
Melvin – Why you so chim one ah? I got eye never see tarzan wor…
Darren – I also don’t know what I want to say to you la. Good luck for the next 3 shows ba.. Need sound op call me ah! Got comps gimmie la.. Hahahahaha… >Sandra – Again? Haha.. Yeah.. It’s VERY difficult to keep awake lo.. With the number of cues I have…. Very difficult.
VJ – Better brush up your “trying to be funny” skills ah. If not ah.. you sure always get bullied by us one lor.
Elroy – KNS.. I can’t imagine for any production I will be writing something for the security guard. Piang. You also very nonsense. And thick-skinned. Kaoz.. Suddenly come and tell me “Never see security so good-looking one hor?” Wah lauz..