Review Theatre

Dangerous Liaisons

Watched Dangerous Liaisons by Toy Factory on Sat night.

What can I say. The show was, in my opinion, not very up to the standard of the original play itself. Plus, having watched the movie version by Glenn Close & John Malkovich, the theatre version is really very much too obvious and rather bland. I feel that Beatrice has put too much emphasis on the sexual part and lost the inuancies and intricacies of the plot and dialogue. Mark & Andrea, I feel, had not brought out the struggle of the characters, which made their final decisions and actions not clear on the motives. But one thing which is really captivating is the performance of Tan Kheng Hua. Although I felt that she could have done more and kept more subtlety instead of showing too much emotions in her voice and posture, overall she was much better than the other two leads.

Mota’s costume was breathtaking. I heard from Shiyun that he can make very good costume with very low budget. Which basically means mainly DIY. Imagine hand-sewing all the costumes.. My goodness. I wish I had some pictures to show but too bad I don’t.

Kudos to Boon Teck’s set too, though its not as good as Mad Phoenix, it’s better than many many many other set designers’ works.