Are you ready for dragons?


Here it finally arrives, all One Thousand Two Hundred pages of kings, queens, lords, sellswords, knights, dwarfs, dragons and sex. And weeks of laptop backpacks just so I have 2 free hands to hold this damned book.


A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila

Okay.. So I slept at 3am yesterday, or rather, today. All because of one woman, one show. MTV’s “A Shot At Love with Tila Tequila”.

Firstly, who is Tila Tequila??? Tila’s what they call internet celebrity. She got famous on MySpace and then spurned off a career of apparently modeling and singing. None of which probably really took off. She’s like the more slutty & bitchy & famous version of Xia Xue.She’s also got better looking ass than her but that’s beside the point.

What is the show about? In public it’s Tila’s quest for true love… *rolleyes* And because she is, get this, BISEXUAL, she gets 16 straight men & 16 lesbians to come on the show to fight for her heart. Because she doesn’t know what gender she wants to end up with. Riiiiigggghhhhttttt….

The show is hilariously funny & I’d say it has all the elements of a great reality TV series. There is lots of hot men & women, drama, tears, scream and hair tearing, pushing, fighting, kissing, making out, booze.. ALL THE WORKS. All in one 10 episode show. And obviously lots of skin. And catfight. Oooooo I love catfights. We women really know how to fight.

But anyway, the show ended with Bobby (CUTE AS HELL) winning. Here come the big BUT. Apparently, he broke up with her a few days before New Year’s Eve and she had to announce it during her NYE masquerade party. AND at the same time, announcing that she’s coming back for “A Shot At Love” Season 2. Puuuuurrrrfect timing.

So now everyone’s talking about it.. Just Google “Tila Tequila Bobby Broke Up” and you get a whole string of results. Some of the comments are hellava funny. Seriously guys.. Did anyone EVER think that they will actually work out? Come on….. Gimmie a break. It’s Reality TV for goodness sake. Has ANY of the Bachelor & Bachelorettes’ relationship with the people they pick work out? I mean sure this was like the shortest ‘relationship’ which probably really wasn’t even one but hey! Guess what? They all broke up! What a shocker!

I feel sorry for Bobby & Dani though, cos I really like both of them.. (Bobby is SOOOOOO CUTE!) But hell, this IS TV. They’ll just have to live & learn. =)

Can’t wait to watch “That’s Amore” though.. LITTLE ITALY!!! Mr Italiano! He’s so funny.. & so weird.

You know.. I might just catch “A Shot At Love” season 2. Just for the kicks. ;p

Bobby Banhart needs his own show. He’s cute as hell. Really. So. Damn. Bloody. Cute.

BTW, this is my favorite scene from the show. They are so cute.