Now that I’ve gained ownership of WL’s old Dell monitor, I revamped my entire workstation!!! Widescreen monitor FTW!!!

And that’s my Hooter’s glass playing peek-a-boo!!!

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Waiting for Godot

I have 2 pending travels that hasn’t had any confirmation whatsoever yet. This annoys me to no end. Not that I’m dying to travel, it’s the lack of concrete answer that I’m irritated about. How am I supposed to make any personal plans if I don’t have any confirmation? I had originally wanted to go Malaysia for a short break during the Labour day long weekend, but now it seems like I’ll have to be on the plane travelling to Florida for on-site UAT.

On top of that I’m also worried that my other project team has not confirmed on a travel date for the week-long on-site meetings that are supposed to be in April. My exams are in April. I have another remote site UAT in April. I need to study in April. There are so many things that I have to complete in the next two months and I cannot plan at all because I don’t know what’s going to happen.

I hate having to change my plans over and over again, simply because I cannot get a proper confirmation.

If the project on-site meetings fall on the last week of April, I’m dead screwed. To be honest, even if it’s on the week of the 18th, I’d be pretty screwed too. Because it just takes away 1 week of studying. Either way, I’m pretty screwed.. FML

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I have a bad habit. A very bad habit of ignoring the signals my body gives me. I usually recognise them and understand that I have to do something about it. Yet I always downplay the seriousness of the situation..

My stomach’s been acting terribly strange for a few weeks now, and just last week I was still telling my friends that I need to watch my intake of spicy food, for fear of gastric re flux or stomach flu issues.. And I still did not go to the doctor’s. Until today that is. Until I threw up my lunch less than an hour after I had it. That was the last straw that pushed me to finally see a doctor.
Lo and behold, lots of wind in my stomach and bad indigestion, leading to too much acid build up. And before I even told the doctor my symptoms, he was asking me if I had burping issues, regurgitation problems, loss of appetite, nausea, and discomfort in the tummy area… So essentially, all I did during the consultation was go “yes, yes, yes yes yes…”
Though I have to say, when the doctor said “No coffee” & “No spicy food”… I died a little.
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Wave of absolute frustration

So my GoToMeeting refused to work today. Even though I am online, surfing, chatting, emailing, sounding the horn on Mousehunt…. GTM insists on telling me that my computer is offline and tells me to check my internet connection.

And now I’m listening in to a meeting that is absolutely confusing, because I have no transactional view to see! Everyone’s talking about tabs, processes, pages and I’ve no idea what the links are!

If the next time someone sees me and I’m missing a few patches of hair? It’d likely be because of technical malfunctions… Much more than the ubiquity of human stupidity.

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Fairfax Business Media…

has an almost 100% turnover in the editorial department since I left.

Can’t say I’m shocked. Well, I am.. by how long a certain tall blond man can possibly be entrenched in his position for so long. Then again, since everyone wipes his ass for him when he shits, why not? He should be able to last as long as he has automated toilet rolls at his beck and call.

The days before him might not have been rosy, but it was definitely more harmonious.
It might not have been awesome, but there was more laughter & more fun.
There might have been grumblings, but we were at least content.

I’m impressed that the sales staff are still there.
I’m amazed that the research & events department have not died off.
I’m upset that people would rather stay put and grumble than do something about it.


I’m just glad I’m no longer there.
But at some place where I’m still using Office 2000.
And has a remote IT helpdesk.
With me receiving internal phone calls from people I don’t know asking me to do things I don’t know how to.
All in all, Oracle ain’t that bad a place after all.
Everything’s relative.

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