I am so god-damned tired. I have been standing for the whole day today. Well, more or less the whole day. And the whole of Monday night.

Gosh. Esplanade is so freaking stupid. Such a humongous place and their control room is so bloody small. If I put 2 chairs, I won’t have space to move about. Plus, they don’t even have those plastic chairs. Give me those cushioned roller chairs in such small space.

Then, they have those soundproofing padding.. But the whole sound control room is open what! I mean there’s no window or door or anything… What the Fuck! Wast money only. But I have to admit la, their board damn smooth. Wah lauz.. I push the fader also shiok. Haha..

Today’s update very anyhow. So singlish. Machiam those cannot speak English Ah Huay liddat. Cannot be bothered liao la… Damn sian..

I learnt some new swear words. Hu Lao Lao & Chi Hwa Hwa… That is another longggg story…

But then again, this production.. I never regretted doing it instead of Dangerous Liaisons. Aiyo. First they pay me more. Then production everybody I know one. Cast all can be standup comedians. The only jialat part is the standing la…

I think I am going to lose some weight…….. *yawn*


T.S. Elliot – Ash Wednesday I

Because I do not hope to turn again
Because I do not hope
Because I do not hope to turn
Desiring this man’s gift and that man’s scope
I no longer strive to strive towards such things
(Why should the aged eagle stretch its wings?)
Why should I mourn
The vanished power of the usual reign?

Because I do not hope to know again
The infirm glory of the positive hour
Because I do not think
Because I know I shall not know
The one veritable transitory power
Because I cannot drink
There, where trees flower, and springs flow, for there is nothing again

Because I know that time is always time
And place is always and only place
And what is actual is actual only for one time
And only for one place
I rejoice that things are as they are and
I renounce the blessed face
And renounce the voice
Because I cannot hope to turn again
Consequently I rejoice, having to construct something
Upon which to rejoice

And pray to God to have mercy upon us
And pray that I may forget
These matters that with myself I too much discuss
Too much explain
Because I do not hope to turn again
Let these words answer
For what is done, not to be done again
May the judgement not be too heavy upon us

Because these wings are no longer wings to fly
But merely vans to beat the air
The air which is now thoroughly small and dry
Smaller and dryer than the will
Teach us to care and not to care
Teach us to sit still.

Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death
Pray for us now and at the hour of our death.


This is officially my favourite poem at the moment.
It’s so lovely & so thought-provoking.
I love how T.S. Elliot words his poems.
No expert on poems but this just seems to captivate me.

Review Theatre 中文


第一次看赖声川. 严格上来说,这不算是戏, 是相声剧. 相声这百年, 甚至几千年的中国传统艺术, 在当下的社会, 几乎完全没落. 新加坡会说相声的么几个. 至从华亮过世后, 能登大雅之堂的相声演员, 也许连一只手都算得完. 在台湾至少有几个公众人物如侯委员等给他撑着, 让这门艺术不至于完全没落. 可是赖声川的这出相声剧简直是另外一种境界. 以戏剧的形式说相声, 以非传统的方式迎接传统, 以摩登的手法带起古老的文化. “表坊” 的相声剧也许就是相声这门艺术所需要的一种冲剂, 一种鼓舞, 一种升华.‘这一夜, women 说相声’ 延续了相声的特质 — 幽默的批评, 批判. 第一段, ‘骂街妇’ 天南地北骂了流行音乐的周杰伦, 何耀珊到政府各个部门独立运作, 毫无联系到社会的动乱不安. 听得观众掌声不断, 笑声不绝, 简直乐开了怀.

‘大姨妈’ 直入我们女性的心里. 以我们常用来比喻月经的代名词作为主题, 道出我们对她的感受. 来的时候不停地怨恨, 不停地烦恼. 不来的时候又紧张兮兮, 生怕自己身体出问题. 到最后永远不来又十分思念. 这是何等有趣, 无奈又可笑.

其他各个段子对于我们女性的种种课题作了十分深入的研讨; 如 ‘立可肥’ 中不停减肥带来的困扰. ‘我自己’ 中对婚姻失败的感受. ‘恋爱病’ 中对恋爱的另一种看法, 与我们息息相关, 简直就是我们的心声.

又再一次佩服赖声川的本事及方芳的才华. 赖声川的剧本永远让人回味无穷, 看过之后会细细咀嚼思考回忆个数天, 每天都有可能发现一些新的东西. 每天都有可能有另一种想法, 另一种感受.

赖声川, 请继续加油.

Review Theatre

Dangerous Liaisons

Watched Dangerous Liaisons by Toy Factory on Sat night.

What can I say. The show was, in my opinion, not very up to the standard of the original play itself. Plus, having watched the movie version by Glenn Close & John Malkovich, the theatre version is really very much too obvious and rather bland. I feel that Beatrice has put too much emphasis on the sexual part and lost the inuancies and intricacies of the plot and dialogue. Mark & Andrea, I feel, had not brought out the struggle of the characters, which made their final decisions and actions not clear on the motives. But one thing which is really captivating is the performance of Tan Kheng Hua. Although I felt that she could have done more and kept more subtlety instead of showing too much emotions in her voice and posture, overall she was much better than the other two leads.

Mota’s costume was breathtaking. I heard from Shiyun that he can make very good costume with very low budget. Which basically means mainly DIY. Imagine hand-sewing all the costumes.. My goodness. I wish I had some pictures to show but too bad I don’t.

Kudos to Boon Teck’s set too, though its not as good as Mad Phoenix, it’s better than many many many other set designers’ works.


the visit of the tai-tai

That’s the photo we took of the entire cast, with Darren, Krishen, Ashley & the kids.

I loved the show. Not the show per say, but working on the show. I love how we all had so much fun although it was probably hell backstage but so darn boring outside. Haha. I love how I met so many new people. As with a ‘tradition’ I have decided to start for myself since Sing Song, I want to say something to all these people.

Krishen – It was fun working with you again since Prelude to A Kiss. It’s a pity I am not an actor, if not I would have been able to learn more from you. ^^
Cast : All 17 of you –
Ivan – The make up was horrendous.. (up close that is) Too scary.. Haha..
Gani & Kay Siu – it was great seeing you guys again!
Benjamin (Bobby the butler.. ^^) – I enjoyed your butler dance so much! It was the highlight of every show! I remember the first time I saw you doing the dance, I almost choked.
Ben Matthews – “Isn’t it divine my chickadee..” Hehe..
Juwanda – I am so sorry I didn’t manage to get your TNP.
Ace – I love your hair. Well.. Robby’s hair rather..
En Lai – backagenic… darkogenic… faragenic… sidogenic… So much nonsense..
Fanny – Your rifle shot was nice and clear! ^^
Alicia, Gerald, Christina, Johnathon, Gordon, Tony, Chermaine – Glad to have met you guys!
Lee Lee – I depend on you liao ah.. Haha.. Whether I do Toy Factory or the I Not Stupid one ah.. Let me think about it a bit la… I Not Stupid 1 month really long leh..
Juraidah – So did Mr Matthews ask you out??
Richard – You got problem with my Tiger pen right? CAK… Wahahah
Charis – Poor thing.. Always see you get bullied by RK.. Muahah.. But Kuang Han say you are the most beautiful leh.. Haha..
Hidayah – I never knew steaming clothes was so terribly difficult sia.. >Nina, Lynn, Gen, Janice, Ying Qi, Yvette, Pauline – I had so much fun going for smoke breaks and bitching! See you guys around real soon!
Kim – Go on and hit tworks with $1500. Ask for it. You are good enough so why settle for less? I don’t think you should settle for anything less than $1000. Good luck!
Melvin – Why you so chim one ah? I got eye never see tarzan wor…
Darren – I also don’t know what I want to say to you la. Good luck for the next 3 shows ba.. Need sound op call me ah! Got comps gimmie la.. Hahahahaha… >Sandra – Again? Haha.. Yeah.. It’s VERY difficult to keep awake lo.. With the number of cues I have…. Very difficult.
VJ – Better brush up your “trying to be funny” skills ah. If not ah.. you sure always get bullied by us one lor.
Elroy – KNS.. I can’t imagine for any production I will be writing something for the security guard. Piang. You also very nonsense. And thick-skinned. Kaoz.. Suddenly come and tell me “Never see security so good-looking one hor?” Wah lauz..


Post sing-song blues

Sigh… My first post is a post on how blue I am today. Sighhh… For the past couple of days actually. I somehow just can’t get over the fact that all of a sudden, I have nothing to do at night. No productions, nothing. It’s just like a sudden empty block of the day where you have nothing to do. Rather, you have nothing planned.

But it was a fun production, Sing Song. Together with this cast and crew for 3 weeks is no joke. You build some kind of rapport, even if it’s really gonna be just for these 3 weeks and no more. I learnt a lot from them and really, I would like to thank them even though I didn’t give them any thank you gifts & they probably won’t see this. Who cares! ^^

Rydwan – My darling PM. Always so stressed and yet so corny at times. Will miss you when you leave TNS. Who will give me jobs then????? lol..
Shelia – Great job even for a first-timer. Was fun to really work with you. GEG showcase & TOB cannot count.. lol… Good luck SM-ing for M1 Theatre Connect! Jia You!
Audrey – Haha… The queen of clubbing. Ladies’ night rule! ^^
Dot – Don’t stress. Sound is the most fun thing to do! Not to mention challenging too! ^^ Hope to see more of you around!
Wan En – Enough of your lameness. Enough. I have had enough of eye-rolling in the control room. Haha… Just kidding.
Vivianne – The woman who has a sore throat but sounds like someone who doesn’t. Haha.. Vivacious lady eh? I can never ever learn sign language. I just don’t have the patience…
Eugene – Another fella who always make me roll eyes. Thanks for teaching me things even though you might not have realised you actually taught me something. Haha… You are really one of those who got me really interested in sound. ^^ The others being Yin & Baobao. Be honoured ok? lol…
Patrick – Thanks for being so patient with me, teaching me things that I don’t know. ^^ Freelancing is pretty cool eh? More money eh? lol… When are you going back to HK again? Maybe can help me buy some LMF stuff.. hehehe..
Shao Ann – I was SO afraid of you at first you know? I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to follow your instructions properly coz it IS the first time I am doing lights eh. But it wasn’t too bad eh? So I won’t end up in your black book eh? *Phew*
Kay Siu, Celine, Gani, Alin, Kumar – Thanks for entertaining us with your ridiculous antics during warm-ups. You guys have NO idea how much fun we have watching you guys! “Chan Mali Chan *Hoo Hoo* Chan Mali Chan” “Diya Isabella~~~~” “Bengali one so long, Chinese one smell like sotong~~~” “Do you know what it’s like to be balding, suntan on your scalp~~” SEAFOOD RESTAURANT STAND-BY!!!!
Nate & Sean – Thanks for putting up this wonderful show. It was really enjoyable being a part of it! ^^
Tic Tac Tone, Johnathon, Abel – Thanks for being in the show! Sorry if I hadn’t really chatted much with you guys. I didn’t even go to Boom Boom Room with you all! Are you guys beginning to think I am anti-social?? haha…